Legal Separation


Tribal Court

Admitted to Practice in
Puyallup Tribal Court 
& Chehalis Tribal Court


Child Support

Child Support;
Modify; Establish;

Division of Child
Support Hearings



Child Custody

Parenting Plans; Parentage; Modify Parenting Plans;
3rd Party Custody


An affordable alternative to hiring an attorney for your family law needs. 

Washington is the first state in the country to offer an affordable legal support option to help meet the needs of those unable to afford the services of an attorney. Legal Technicians, also known as Limited License Legal Technicians (LLLT), are licensed by the Washington Supreme Court to advise and assist people with divorce, child custody, child support, domestic violence and other domestic relations and family law matters in Washington State.  Much like nurse practitioners, who can treat patients and prescribe medication like a doctor, Legal Technicians bring a similar option to the legal world, making legal services more accessible to people who can’t afford an attorney.


For more information regarding LLLT's go to the Washington State Bar Association page at: http://www.wsba.org/for-legal-professionals/join-the-legal-profession-in-wa/limited-license-legal-technicians


As a Legal Technician, Cindy Stewart is able to provide you with legal advice and support you in navigating through the often complex and confusing maze of the legal system.  


Some of the legal services offered are:

  • Assistance with completing, filing and serving necessary court documents; scheduling hearings/trials and rules & procedures
  • Accompany and assist pro se clients in court at certain types of hearings
  • Communicate with and negotiate towards an agreement with the opposing party
  • Assistance with preparing for and participate in mediation, arbitration, & settlement conferences
  • Preparation of settlement documents
  • Assistance with trial preparation
  • Legal Research/Writing

When your family is at stake, you do not want to go it alone.


Cindy K. Stewart, Legal Technician

WSBA # 106LLLT  
Providing an affordable alternative to hiring a lawyer for your family law needs.  Cindy Stewart has been licensed to practice law as a LLLT in Washington since 2015.   Ms. Stewart has 20+ years experience as a paralegal prior to becoming a Legal Technician.  She is a well-trained, experienced, and competent legal professional who may be able to provide you with the legal help you need.

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